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The interactive, simulation-based science assessments are designed to supplement and extend existing science instructional materials. The simulation-based activities are designed to assess students’ knowledge of earth, life, and physical science concepts as they apply what you have been teaching them in class.

Students will be able to watch animations, make and test their predictions, collect data, and explain what it means. As a student works through each task, the system will coach the student if needed. At the end you will get a report of what students have learned and what you still need to work on with them.

Teachers and administrators can assign assessments, monitor and track progress, and create reports to analyze individual, group, and schoolwide progress. You can also become familiar with what students see by taking the assessments yourself.

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If you are a teacher interested in using our High School Human Body Systems suite in your classroom, you can request a teacher account by clicking on the link below. We anticipate that other science suites will become available in the future.

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